Sol Kjøk i København og Oslo

sol kjøkSol Kjøk åpner utstillinger i både København og Oslo i høst
Galleri Oxholm i København på den 17. Art Copenhagen 30. august og 1. september. Se mer info
Utstillingen i Galleri Ramfjord i Oslo  7. – 29. september. Velkommen til åpning lørdag 7. september kl 12 – 14

A Red Song in the Night, separatutstilling.Paintings, drawings and works on glass:
“Sol Kjøk’s figures—male and female nudes—are exquisitely drawn, often down to the least detail of their muscular flesh and expressive faces, indicating that she is not only a master draftsperson but a student of the human condition. The figures—generally with a greenish or bluish cast—seem irradiated from within, giving them an uncanny glow. Sometimes they are imbued with the whiteness of the paper, emerging from it to breathe life into its flatness. Sometimes they seem quickly sketched, their contours seemingly improvised. More often the contours are emphatically given, suggesting a linear intensity verging on pure abstraction.”

(Donald B. Kuspit, art critic, poet, and professor of art history)

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