Elisabet Norseng stiller ut i Roma

Norseng low 2Capo di Bove: utstillingen varer til 15. desemeber, Via Appia Antica n. 222,  Roma – tel. 06. 7806686 –  Monday-Saturday, from 10am to 4pm; Sunday from 10am until 6pm (10am-4pm solar time) until December 15, 2014      Sala 1  utstillingen på galleri sala uno varer til 20. oct.

COME IL CIELO FRA LE ALI DEGLI UCCELLI  (“As the sky between the wings of  birds”)

A project of contemporary art and music in tribute to nature and to the Places of Caffarella / Appia in Rome by Elisabet  Norseng and Sven Kahrs

The idea of ​​this project was born as a result of a previous show by Guido Orsini at Capo di Bove in 2013: they both have in common the relationship between contemporary art and nature, and in particular the environment of the Appian Way.

As the sky between the wings of the birds is an exhibit by the Norwegian artist Elisabet Norseng showing her new drawings related to the observation of nature and its various aspects. Norseng’s friezes (more than 50 large watercolors) represent animals, plants, fountains, springs and baths; the images deal with magic, myth and mystical symbolism of numbers, perfectly adapting to the content of Capo di Bove.
The identity of Norseng’s work is far from what it seems: the artist wants to show us nature as something immensely dynamic. To be able to reveal this she prefers a suggestive and volatile expressionism, rather than a direct depiction of separate entities and objects. Norseng’s project is to teach us to accept things as never being being definitive and that nothing is separated from itself. The drawings that emerge test the boundaries of the paper and the possibilities of communication within the work, so that each lives its own life. The artist, who has often visited Rome with Sven Kahrs, knows this unique area of ​​the city, with its long and complex history. This makes the exhibition even more personal and provides a profound content to the initiative.
The space at Villa Capo di Bove is, therefore, a perfect place for the installation of these new works. To create a close bond with the music of Sven Kahrs, the renowned British violinist David Alberman will play a composition with the same title of the exhibition As the sky between the wings of birds, on September 20th at 1 pm .
In addition to the exhibition at Capo di Bove, Norseng will create an installation of her drawings in the gallery Sala 1. An “artist’s book” will also be published with a text by Mary Angela Schroth, the curator of both exhibitions.