Les om Haakon Engelsen på nettsiden hans

Håkon Engelsen er en godt etablert billedkunstner, med stor aktivitet også internasjonalt. Alfonso Confaloone skriver:

Where the summer is all daytime and winter is all night, and the slanting, in its long, slow walk, streakes the sky with elsewhere never seen colours, the passage between day and night is an awaited moment of rare beauty, almost a miracle to contemplate which the earth too watches in silence: it’s the solemn, blue North. In that world where all living creatures must fight against the weather and even nature seems driven to its borders, the light of dawn and twilight changes the known reality in a suspended dimension where the outlines are vanishing and the colours mingle, rarefied, in the meeting between the growing sun and the infinite shade. With his personal expressionist stroke, Haakon Engelsen can evoke the powerful suggestion of vision which only his land can offer, a place where atmosphere has always screened the view of the Real stimulating the intuition and feeding the imagination to search for unknown and mystery.

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